SCSS files can be found in the following directory: 'Frontend/src/assets/scss'

We are using SCSS (CSS pre-processor/bracketed version of SASS) to enable us to write cleaner and more reusable css code.

Our main 'styles.scss' is compiled upon each save, once the project has been started from your terminal/cmd. Whilst the resulting 'styles.css' is the only 'css' called from within the project, the 'scss' version simply contains imports to the partial files created within folders.


We are using rem's to style our app. Whilst you should not use any other measurement unit, it is correct to use ‘px’ for certain properties. For example, you should still use 'px' for setting a border or the width of a media query to ensure more accurate break points.

The root font size is set to '10px'. This means the calculation required to implement rem’s is simple: (target font size / 10 OR 18 / 10 = 1.8rem).


Please utilize our configuration partial file wherever possible. This contains global variables for generic/brand colours, keyframes, mixins and more! For consistency please reference these instead of redefining where possible (or add to this file).

12 Col Grid Boiler template

We are using a 12 Column Grid that works as follows:

The grid has 12 columns

Each columns width is a % value that can be calculated using the following:

Target Columns (Example '6')
Minus Number of Total Columns (12)
Times 100 = 50%

Example HTML mark-up for a 2-column layout:

<div class="grid">
<div class="column column_6_12">
<div class="column column_6_12">

Each column has a ‘20px’ gutter/ Each column has 10px padding on either side.

The grid should not be used within areas that require custom mark-up (such as your header/footer) to avoid having to override default styling. This will ensure the integrity of the code. Please DO NOT apply any styling to the grid directly. These should be global classes which are not overridden (ensures you will not break styling in other places).

To centre your content, simply apply a 'max-width' to the parent wrapper '.grid'. You can either set this globally within the '_css_grid.scss' partial file or target it specifically via a custom parent class.